Friday, July 8, 2011

Mindless Behaviour Presentation


The Hare And Tortise

A tidal wave is expected to hit the eastern coast of New Zealand later today. That’s what I heard when Gran said on the radio at breakfast time.
The earthquake in Chile has started the Tsunami now it was coming across the border towards New Zealand

Gran was delighted. She loved disasters! “When I was a girl I remember there was a wave like this,” she said. “It smashed the yachts across the river,”

After breakfast Gran showed me into town where everybody was talking about the wave. The shop people were all busy putting goods from the bottom shelves to the top shelves. In the fruit shop, Gran asked Mr Chan if he thought there was any danger.
“At home, lady,just to be safe, You take the lovely child with you” He replied in his polite way.

Out in the street, everyone seemed to be all in the same direction. They are not going home. Gran kept asking people they were hurrying to. “Up the hill to get a good place to see the wave,” one woman said.

“Good girl,” said Gran. She took my hand. “Come with me.”
And we marched off towards the top of the hill to see a good place.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Mana Spirit Show

The Mana Spirit show this morning taught me to respect other cultures and to be proud of who I am. It also reminded me how important family is. This was such a wonderful show.
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