Friday, May 28, 2010

Jump For Heart

Thursday the 27th, we had mufty and had Jump For Heart to raise money for little baby hearts. Each class had to peform a jump jam item.
First went the junior department, they did two items, they were amazing, they did some funky moves. Then went room 6 which is my class we also did an item, I was shy as but once we were half way through it I actully put some effort in to it. Last but not least, room 7 went, they did a MEAN AS DANCE. Then the main event happened, the whole school did the Jump for Heart aerobic dance.

I had a great time.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Self Poem

My name is Kahlanie,
I like Hubba Buba it has an amazing taste.
I love St Pius because it is a learning enviroment.
I admire the students at St Pius because they are joyful
I adore my Nana because she is loving and caring.
I favour my Nan's shepards pie because its made with love.
I dream that I am the most famous singer because thats my dream.
I am just Kahlanie a normal person just like every body else.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Morning Tea

On a hot blazing Monday morning the bell rang like usal, rininging loud and clear as if it was demanding orders. All of us were rushing out to get our nutricous meals.

Another bell rang for play time all I did was just stand there, watching the kids play. It was boring everybody was yelling in my ears and they were sore its like they wanted to explode.
The hand bell rang, I said to myself "what a waste of time". I slowly walked back to the class everybody was running around screaming at the tops of their voices.

Sudddenly I saw Mrs G so I ran as fast as I could. I made it before the second bell rang.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Amazing Running Day

As I stepped in the school grounds I wanted to get changed.
On a cloudy Friday we had athletics. When the noisy bell rang I was excited. I had this funny felling in my body, but its hard to explain. We sort of shared chants with Keas, when we sat down I was nervous.

Miss G started talking through the microphone, she was as loud as a lions roar. She started calling out the rules and instruction for athletics, she started calling out ages,one by one. When it was my turn I had butterflies in my stomach. As I went up my arms were shaking but once I was up there it stopped. I got up and dID every thing Mrs Pole told me to do. When Miss Pole banged the blocks together I got a fright. I started running as fast as I could, I tried to catch up to Ondre but unfortunately I came second.

The moment had arrived for lunch time, we had an hour of lunch time. I was so glad I could eat, I had $10.00, I shared it amongst me and my friend Ondre. We bought lots of sausages then I went to play but l had to leave early, I can’t tell you why because its complicated.