Friday, May 14, 2010

My Morning Tea

On a hot blazing Monday morning the bell rang like usal, rininging loud and clear as if it was demanding orders. All of us were rushing out to get our nutricous meals.

Another bell rang for play time all I did was just stand there, watching the kids play. It was boring everybody was yelling in my ears and they were sore its like they wanted to explode.
The hand bell rang, I said to myself "what a waste of time". I slowly walked back to the class everybody was running around screaming at the tops of their voices.

Sudddenly I saw Mrs G so I ran as fast as I could. I made it before the second bell rang.


  1. Great recount of your morning tea Kahlanie, even though you didn't do anything exciting you have given me a good understanding of what was happening around you. I really like some of your vocabulary that you chose to use in your recount. Well done.

    Miss G :-)

  2. Great use of language to describe what was happening and what you thought about it. Very impressive.
    Mr C