Friday, June 18, 2010

Kids for Kids Concert

The moment had arived for the kids that are in the chior. There were diffrent schools but I can't tell their names because there were to many schools. We started with a song called Oh What A Night. The crowd went wild after we sang that song. We had two soloist called Waterlily and Revina who were going to sing Ben, they were awesome. Suzane Prentice started singing Hello Mother Hello Father, it was amazing. It was cool I had fun but the second half was boring I was trying to look for Daniel in the audience I had an amazing time.

In half time we had lollies, all we had was snakes then we started playing games and running around in the back. We went back on stage and performed the second half that was amazing when it finished I was tied as I wanted to go to bed.


  1. Great for getting your thoughts onto your blog so quickly. I really enjoyed the parts when you told us how you felt rather than just saying what happened.

  2. Kahlanie, Great to read about the concert last night from your perspective. It is very important to sit peacefully and listen sometimes (like last night) but I also understand how that can seem boring :)
    I really like the honest way that you write.

  3. Hi Kahlani
    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs today. I love the way you write - it makes the things you talk about come alive. I'm looking forward to reading more about what you are doing and thinking.
    Pat from St Pius Parish