Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Favourite Thing.

My sisters are annoying and cheeky but still fun to play with. Their very musical and very talented. They like Teddy Bears,TV and Movies.
They liked eating and baking with my Nana and they like Saint Pius X School.
One of them likes to play the Marimba and the other plays the Recorder.
Finally they loved my Nana because she always spoiled them and my Grandad too. One of my sisters would always get money and save it, but the other would spend hers faster then a cheater can run.


  1. It really shows how much you love your sisters and your nana. You are a great brother!

  2. Hi Kahlanie, I love my sister too. She is older than me and very kind. She always spoils me. We are both very lucky to have lovely, amazing sisters.

  3. What a wonderful piece of writing Kahlanie! You write like a very proud big brother, in such a caring and loving way.

    It sounds like your sisters had lots of fun with your Nana and Grandad.

    I'll bet you are pleased they like music like you do :)