Friday, June 10, 2011

Leader Ship Retreat

Aboarding a leader ship retreat is truly an honour because it brings out another side of you and shows who you really are.

On the retreat we had an activity called the treasure hunt, I was the only boy in my group. When I am the only boy I find it hard to work as a team, but I noticed that I was communicating well and cooperating.

Staying the night was pretty hard because I had so much energy left so I used that energy talking and sneaking around to my friends rooms. The point of us coming to this retreat was to teach us to be leaders. What I’ve learnt through out this whole experience is to put your differences a side and work together.


  1. what a wonderful opportunity for you to learn leadership skills.

  2. Absolutely Kahlanie, you had been fantastic. I was amazed with how you handle all the different activities. You responded well to Fr Bernie's session and worked well with Br. Phillip. What a blessing.