Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Athelitcs Day

On Friday Saint Pius the 10th had a athletics day. I helped set up the field. The moment had arrived for the whole school to line up for athletics day. We were not starting on a winning streak, but we caught up. At last the racing began, the 5 year olds started racing, I was cheering on my team members.

Winning the eight hundred meter was a mission . I needed a lot of stamina. I new I was going to win. Because I'm good at long distance, the rest of them were only good at short distance. I felt proud, I wanted to scream but I had no more breath left. Then we had the two hundred meter. I came second in that race it wasn't easy but I tried my best.

Making it to the final race in the relays. I was so proud of my team
we tried our best, to run we had some advantage because the other team made a lot of mistakes. But no one won in the end because there were to much mistakes. Then it came to the final decision to see who was the overall winners. We came last in the end but we were still proud, of ourselves we did some good running and we had good sportsmanship we didn't say you cheated we took our loss like a real team. Overall athletics day was pretty good, we enjoyed our selves and had a good time.

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